WP Accessibility Helper

WordPress plugin: WP Accessibility Helper

About the plugin features:

  • This plugin provides a basic Accessibility needs for every website
  • Contrast mode (color gamma)
  • Font size (rem or zoom)
  • Unload all css files (display page in raw html)
  • Underline all links
  • Highlight all links
  • Attachments control center with ability add/edit images titles and alt tags
  • Alt+Zopen accessibility sidebar
  • Alt+Xclose accessibility sidebar
  • more info about accesskeys HERE
  • Control all attachments images from one place with AJAX functions
  • role="link" for each a tag
  • Remove title attributes from links
  • HTML5 Landmark control center
  • Save contrast mode with user cookies
  • Clear selection from cookies
  • Hide for mobile devices – controls
  • Sidebar position (left or right)
  • Greyscale images controls
  • Dark & Light Themes controls
  • Font family controls (CSS Web Safe Font Combinations)
  • Invert colors & images mode
  • Remove CSS Animations
  • Font option (quick swtich to Arial font family)


Download WP Accessibility Helper from WordPress repository ===> HERE

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